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I’m a foodie and a flavor person. I appreciate that over everything. These LeGrand beans are FULL of flavor. You get the bold punch of the bean on the first sip but by the fourth sip you get the smooth flavor tones of cherry or chocolate. This is the type of coffee that you save for the weekend or a special occasion and take time to enjoy every drop.

Devon W.

This coffee is everything you need when you wake up in the morning.  The moment the coffee touches the cup, you can instantly smell how rich and intense this coffee is! One taste and its not just a light cup of coffee that does the work of coffee, it’s a coffee that will be enjoyed with every single sip. The coffee is smooth, deep, rich, and bold. It’s like a little morning treat to yourself.

Gilah R.

The incredible aroma of LeGrand Coffee fills up your kitchen the second you open the bag only to be outdone by its rich smooth taste. For black coffee drinkers like myself, this coffee is second to none with its lack of a bitterness often found with other coffees. This coffee needs no flavor sweeteners to fully appreciate the flavorful taste of some of the best coffee beans money can buy.

Scott M.


Colombia Coffee

Our Colombia coffee is a single-origin medium roast with hints of red apple and orange mixed with a milk chocolate flavor.

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Costa Rica Coffee

Our Costa Rica coffee is a single-origin medium roast with hints of dark chocolate and a sweet, tropical taste.


Brazil Coffee

Our Brazil coffee is a single-origin roast that holds a sweetly mild taste with hints of hazelnut and orange zest.

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Guatemala Coffee

Our Guatemala coffee is a single-origin medium roast with full body and hints of caramel, grapefruit and chocolate flavor.


Sumatra Coffee

Our Sumatra coffee is a single-origin dark roast with an unique taste that is highlighted by a profile of chocolatey and earthy flavors.