12 oz. Bag -  Colombia Roast

12 oz. Bag - Colombia Roast

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Our Colombia coffee is a single-origin medium roast that has above average sweetness containing hints of red apple and orange mixed with a milk chocolate flavor, rounding out a delicious and robust taste that will make you savor every sip.

The story behind our Colombia beans starts with former competitors from the Sierra Nevada region in Colombia, who have since come together to work on a common cause (coffee in this particular case). The majority of these producers are recognized victims of armed conflict, and they are in a program for land restitution. Now that they have regained their land, they decided to put it to good use and harvest high-quality organic coffee together.

Note: A 12 oz. bag of our Costa Rica produces approximately 10-12 cups of coffee. Please allow 3-5 days for the processing of your order.

Interested in placing a bulk order of 15+ bags of LeGrand Coffee House? Please send us a message, and a member of our team will work directly with you on the order.