12 oz. Bag -  Costa Rica Roast

12 oz. Bag - Costa Rica Roast

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Our Costa Rica coffee is a single-origin medium roast with hints of dark chocolate and a sweet, tropical taste.

In Costa Rica, it is literally considered illegal to produce bad coffee. A law was passed in 1989 to prohibit the farming of low-quality beans and regulates that all coffee must be 100% Arabica, which is considered the highest quality of coffee beans. At LeGrand Coffee House, we purchase all of our beans from the same farm in Costa Rica to ensure the consistency in our flavor and quality.

Note: A 12 oz. bag of our Costa Rica produces approximately 10-12 cups of coffee. Please allow 3-5 days for the processing of your order.

Interested in placing a bulk order of 15+ bags of LeGrand Coffee House? Please send us a message, and a member of our team will work directly with you on the order.